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Art Guild of Burlington Endowed Fund

Our Mission: to use the power of art to awaken the creative nature that is in every person, to connect us socially and to contribute to the vibrancy of Burlington.


Art is a powerful catalyst in sparking creativity, developing new ideas, and discovering new ways to approach problems. It isn't always the end product but the process that helps inspire our creative nature. We believe in creating opportunities like unique events and public art displays that encourage a more vibrant community. We want to see Burlington thrive.


We are deeply passionate about awakening creativity and connecting our community socially through seeing and experiencing art. We offer a welcoming space that brings together people of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds where they can find inspiration to use their own creativity for self-expression. 


Your donation allows us to continue to create art experiences in the classroom and in the community. You can help us bring more art opportunities to more people with your donation to stimulate their creativity with art supplies, new events, fresh classes, and talented instructors. Let's make a vibrant Burlington!

Art Center Fund
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