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Why Give

Give Together

Des Moines County is a place with deep roots and big dreams. It is a community where we honor tradition even as we branch out boldly in new directions.


We have extraordinary assets here, yet we have needs like any community.  Housing, education, poverty, opportunities for children and seniors alike all need additional support and your investment.

That’s why partnering with local donors is so critical to us.  There are real needs for philanthropic capital.  We seek to bring together the financial and intellectual capital of civic-minded people like you, to focus dollars and energy on the most relevant opportunities and challenges in Des Moines County.


With a bird’s-eye view of the nonprofit sector, we know where there are gaps, opportunities, needs, new ideas and great leaders. We make charitable investments based on what we know, and report back to you, and our other donors, on results.


To become a member of this special community of thoughtful donors, please consider a gift to the Margaret Hansen Community Impact Fund.


We are a local organization with deep roots in Des Moines County.

Our professional program staff has broad expertise regarding community foundations and gift planning.

We can provide a highly personalized service tailored to each individual's charitable and financial interests.

Our Donor Advised Funds help people invest in the causes they care about most. 

We accept a wide variety of assets and can facilitate even the most complex forms of giving, utilizing local attorneys, trust officers and investment advisors. 

CFDMC Pic.jpg

We partner with professional advisors to create highly effective approaches to charitable giving.

We offer maximum tax advantage under state and federal law including 25% Iowa Tax Credit available only through a Community Foundation.

We multiply the impact of gift dollars by pooling them with other gifts and grants.

We build endowment funds that benefit the community forever and help create personal legacies.

We are a community leader, convening agencies and coordinating resources to create positive change.

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