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CFDMC Elects New Officers

News Release

For immediate release January 19,2021

The Community Foundation of the Des Moines County, at their January 2021, meeting, elected new officers. Outgoing Chairman, Dr. Michael Ash announced the elected officers are: Tom Johanns, Chairman; Tammy McCoy, Vice Chair; Kendra Jahn, Secretary; and Dennis Wilson, Treasurer.

Shane McCampbell and Steve Preader were elected to the board of directors.

Others currently serving on the board are Jerry Parks, Keith Schulz, Mike Hoffman, Chad Palmer, Mike Norris, Jim Olson, Jerry Jochims, Bob Bartles, Chip Readinger and Karren Elliott.

The foundation, a nonprofit organization founded in 2007, is dedicated to improving the quality of life in Des Moines County. It has partnered with other nonprofit organizations and foundations to reach 2.4 million dollars in Endowments.

Those endowed funds and foundations include the following nonprofit and Family Foundations:

· Art Guild of Burlington Endowed Fund

· Bob Bartles Donor Advised Fund

· Burlington Downtown Lightscape Improvement Fund

· Burlington High School Class of 58&59

· Burlington Notre Dame Foundation Fund

· Burlington Kiwanis Club Scholarship Endowment

· Downtown Redevelopment Fund

· Des Moines County Historical Society Endowment

· Des Moines County Medical Society Endowment

· Friends of the Burlington Public Library Foundation Endowment

· Fund for Hope Haven

· Hutcheson Family Acorn Fund

· Dr. Jerry and Debra Jochims Education Endowment

· The Heritage Trust Endowment for Preservation

· The Hawk Eye Charities Endowment

· Marvin R. Michelson Fund

· Mediapolis Schools Foundation

· The Margaret Hansen Community Impact Fund

· Hope Haven Area Development Endowment

· SCC President’s Circle Endowment

· Young House Family Services Endowment

· Wilson Family Endowment and Foundation

· Wilson Family Endowment for Boy Scout Camperships

Incoming president, Tom Johanns, stated: “Community Foundations are an important way for people to give back to their community. Contributed funds go into endowments that last forever and a percentage is used each year to make Des Moines County a prosperous and successful region plus it’s an investment with a tremendous return”.

For more information about the foundation, check out their website at


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